Measure Patient Progress

Research is clear that measuring patient progress in therapy improves treatment outcomes. Greenspace makes measurement and tracking easy.

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How Greenspace Improves Patient Outcomes

1. Selection

Therapists select the appropriate clinical, functional and alliance assessments for each of their patients.

2. Assessment

Patients complete assessments from anywhere on any device.

3. Display

Assessment results and progress are securely displayed to both therapists and patients.

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Who Can Use Greenspace

Mental health care providers, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychological associates, psychotherapists, GP physicians and occupational therapists.

People receiving mental health care that have a clinical relationship with a therapist registered on Greenspace.

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Greenspace for Clinics & Hospitals

We work with therapy clinics and hospitals to change what is possible when managing an organization, letting you:

Track Important Data on Outcomes
Case Manage Patients
Access to New Patients
Marketing & Funding Ammunition

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