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Measurement Platform

Improve Client Outcomes with Best Practices

Choose a plan that fits your practice. All plans include an unlimited number of patients and there is no fee to your patients to participate.

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  • 18 Evidence based assessments
  • Therapeutic alliance assessment
  • Automated assessment delivery
  • Interactive results display
  • Progress notes
  • Document storage (Up to 2GB)
  • Unlimited patients and assessments
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  • 30 day free trial
  • Everything in Basic, plus:
  • 8 Additional adult assessments
  • 12 Child and parent assessments
  • Simple waiting room completion via a Kiosk
  • Customizable delivery frequency
  • Display of your aggregated statistics
  • Document storage (Up to 10GB)
  • Customizable patient intake form
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  • Premium accounts for all therapists
  • Statistical display of patient and organization outcomes
  • Easily identify off-track patients
  • Custom assessment tools
  • Tags for organizing patients
  • Master control of all therapist accounts
  • Customizable patient intake form
Matching Program

Collaborate with Primary Care Providers

Case Management Fee

Greenspace charges a $100 one-time case management fee for each new client matched with you. This fee covers the range of case management services provided by Greenspace and use of the technology platform, including: completion of a digital intake questionnaire, a client intake call, a detailed intake report, ongoing progress measurement and collaboration with primary care providers.

Does this represent a ‘referral fee’?

We understand there may be concern that this fee represents a referral fee that is not permitted by certain regulatory colleges. However, payment is in consideration for extensive case management and patient facing services provided by Greenspace, the nature of which is more appropriately characterized as a case management fee. This case management fee supports tangible activities that have a meaningful impact on treatment outcomes. If you would like more detail on why we believe this program does not contravene college rules, please feel free to contact us at:

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