A unique approach to mental healthcare, tailored for each individual.

Therapeutic alliance between a patient and therapist is the strongest predictor of patient improvement in mental health therapy. Greenspace uses data, research, and a hands-on case management process to ensure that all patients are matched with the best possible care.

Primary Care Providers

  • Greenspace will match your patients with the mental health therapist that best suits their specific needs.
  • Refer into a large network of mental health therapists that track progress throughout treatment - using an evidence based method proven to improve patient outcomes.
  • Receive progress updates on your patients.
  • There is no cost to you or to your patient.

Help your patients access the most effective care.

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  • Find the mental health therapist that best suits your specific needs and personality at no cost to you.
  • Track your progress throughout treatment.
  • The process:
    1. Complete a Digital Intake Interview.
    2. Option to schedule an intake call with the Greenspace Care Team before being matched.
    3. An appointment will be booked for you with a recommended mental health therapist.

Find the mental health therapist that is right for you.

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Mental Health Therapists

  • Receive access to new patients, with the option to pass or accept.
  • Use Greenspace’s measurement platform to track progress throughout treatment.
  • Collaboratively communicate with primary care providers on patient progress.

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