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Greenspace makes it easy for mental health therapists to measure patient progress. Research shows that this process of consistent measurement significantly improves treatment outcomes.

Track important data on outcomes

1. Track Important Data on Outcomes

Greenspace calculates and presents important data for clinics and hospitals about the treatment outcomes being achieved within their organization. The statistical display breaks down this data across (i) an organization as a whole, (ii) by diagnostic area, (iii) by each therapist or care provider, and (iv) by individual patients. Among other information, Greenspace displays therapeutic alliance scores, rates of clinical symptom improvement and rates of functional symptom improvement.

Greenspace changes what's possible in managing an organization. This functionality allows directors and managers to make important triage, resource, and training decisions based on live data.

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Case manage patients

2. Case Manage Patients

Using Greenspace, clinics and hospitals have a transparent view into the progress of each of their patients. Organizations can easily identify off-track patients who are not improving under their current treatment plan, or have not achieved an alliance with their treatment providers. This creates the opportunity to proactively case manage individual patients in order to prevent dropout or deterioration, and to generate a greater number of successful treatment outcomes.

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Access to new patients

3. Access to New Patients

By partnering with Greenspace, clinics will gain access to a referral stream of new clients. Greenspace has partnered with corporations, first responders and insurers that fund psychotherapy for employees. These organizations have identified a need to improve the quality and consistency of services being offered. Greenspace assists these organizations in matching patients with providers that have demonstrated quality treatment outcomes and are committed to measuring patient progress.

Support marketing & funding efforts

4. Marketing & Funding Ammunition

Psychotherapy is highly effective and can result in outstanding treatment outcomes for patients, but most organizations don't track the objective data necessary to prove it. Using the detailed aggregate data on patient outcomes presented by Greenspace, private clinics can differentiate themselves from competitors and support the sale of their services to corporations, insurers or physicians.

In the public sector, there has been a shift in funding hospitals on a "fee-for-service" basis to a "value-based-care" approach. Using Greenspace allows hospitals to provide meaningful data on patient outcomes to create more compelling funding proposals.

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