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How Greenspace Works

Patients complete assessments

1. Therapists select assessments

Therapists select the appropriate assessments for each of their patients. We offer a variety of different medically validated assessments across a range of clinical areas, including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. Therapists can also administer a medically validated therapeutic alliance measure and a functional assessment tool (that we are in the process of validating in association with the University of Toronto).

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Patients complete assessments

2. Patients complete assessments

Assessments are delivered to the patient by email or sms (text message) based on the appropriate administration schedule for each assessment (ie. every 2 weeks). For simplicity, users do not need to download an app or log in, and assessments can be completed from anywhere on any type of device. Most assessments can be completed in less than two minutes.

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Results Display

3. View results

As soon as an assessment is completed by a patient, the results are visible to both the patient and therapist in a secure and easy to interpret display. Only the patient and their therapist are able to view these assessment results. This progress display is intended to inform the treatment process with objective feedback, and based on research, improve patient outcomes.

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Patient Information & Data Security

Assessment results and other patient information stored securely on our platform are ultimately in the control of each individual patient. If at any time a patient wishes to leave Greenspace, his or her assessment results will be returned on request, and Greenspace will subsequently destroy all data relating to that individual.

Greenspace holds data security and privacy in the highest regard. Our system conforms to digital and physical security protocols (including PHIPA), with SSL-secured access, AES encryption at the filesystem level, and firewalls protecting all data. We take many additional precautions to protect privacy including requiring: strong passwords, automatic logouts, automatic access logging, secured data backups, and restrictive data access procedures.

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